A healthy mind in a healthy body

A few words about me

In 1995, I graduated from the medical studies at the Lviv National Medical University. In Ukraine, I obtained the professional titles of a Specialist in Internal Medicine and in Sanology. In my practice I follow the motto " Mens sana in corpore sano" ("A healthy mind in a healthy body") and that is why for 20 years I have applied non-pharmacological methods for improving life quality. My work is my passion. I believe in the holistic approach to a client by focusing on all symptoms, not only the visible ones. I look after health of the whole body, as well as mind and spirit. I try to increase the awareness of my clients with respect to a healthy treatment of their own bodies, and that is why I focus on health education and a change of eating habits. I approach each person individually, and chose a treatment most suitable for his or her condition and or ailment. In my leisure time, I pursue my passions: traveling, meditation, photographing nature, and above all, I enjoy spending time with my family.
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